Photo credit: Ken.gz

Last week, I switched – I bought a PowerBook running OS X, after years of using Windows, most recently on a Dell Pentium III laptop.

It really is as good as everyone says it is. There’s a bit of a learning curve involved about simple things, like how applications are started, stopped, and moved around, but it’s so intuitive that these changes take very little time to ‘learn’ properly.

What impresses me most, however, is how fast and stable it is. When I open the lid of my laptop, the system wakes up. This happens on Windows machines, too, but what is new for me with this PowerBook is that by the time the screen is fully open, the system is running and ready to go. I can even close the lid while a DVD is playing, and put the system into standby, and when I open it up again, the movie keeps playing like nothing happened.

Similarly, I’ve been burning data CDs, while iTunes is playing MP3s in the background, with no problems in either application. This is something that Mac/*nix users won’t find remarkable, but Windows 2000 didn’t let me do this!

And it’s so light and good-looking: aircraft-grade titanium, and only 2.4cm thick. It weighs in at 2.6 kilos, which is less than half what my Dell machine weighed, and makes it a viable option for something to carry around.

I’ve switched, and I won’t be switching back.